Pay-Per-Click Advertizing (PPC)

We help your business tap into the unlimited potential of premium advertising ecosystem with increased traffic, increased leads, and increased conversions.

What Sets Us Apart
  • Comprehensive traffic monitoring and advanced targeting optimization
  • Our PPC services help you maximize advertising fill rates and eCPMs
  • Conversion tracking, nurturing, and maturation throughout the cycle
  • Results driven campaigns with complete analytics and KPI backup


Choosing PPC Marketing

When it comes to reaching your targeted audience quickly, and accurately, there no other practice more efficient and faster than Pay Per Click advertising. Being an integral part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC makes up for one of the most effective instruments in the digital marketing toolbox. It allows the advertiser to target selected keywords based on their analytics and drive filtered ad campaigns through Google Ad Manager. Unlike organic marketing, PPC helps buy essential visits and convert them into leads rather than attempting to earn them organically. It swift, measurable, target oriented, versatile, and Provides a wealth of useful data.

Why Partner with Us?

Digital marketing has remained one of the core specialties of Evok Connect since its inception. We have over 15 years of experience in driving marketing campaigns in different medium and environments, helping businesses generate revenue and build their brand image. Fortunately, we have some of the world’s best PPC experts who can help you achieve your business goals in cost optimized timeframes. He design the best PPC campaigns that take into account both quality score and CPC bid to deliver the best ad rank. That way you only get targeted leads without taking a brunt on your budget. We further monitor you campaigns through a plethora of premium tools to keep your ads abreast.

Our PPC Advertising Services

We haven’t earned our name just by resting on our laurels. We take proactive approaches, implement turn-key strategies, and optimize costs
to refine your PPC campaigns until they are on par with the standards of your choice.

Advanced Research

We never push campaigns without proper research. As trusted digital marketing agency, we use popular channels and media steams to collect data and target a broad range of customer user interests and content. This allows us to use the data for advanced ad targeting, user profiling, persona modeling, audience analytics and business insights.

Segmentation & Customization

We understand each client has unique marketing needs. Therefore, we gather requirements and design tailored campaigns based on your needs and preferences. Through our advanced programmatic technology, we are able to precisely target audiences and maximize conversion outcomes.

Continuous Tracking & Reporting

By partnering with us, you also get the benefit of staying updated throughout the process. We use paid tools to track your ad campaigns with pin-point accuracy, identifying where they perform the best, and where they need more work. These reports are generated, checked, worked, and sent to you on a daily basis so remain informed of your ad spend automatically.

Comprehensive Plans

As a celebrated PPC advertising agency, we pride ourselves for achieving the standard of world-class marketing. We build custom funnels, adding captivating ad copy and landing pages, engaging creatives, high-end persona building, and data driven insights. This helps us eliminate friction, and increase your bang-for-buck in the most amazing way.

Solving Problems and Growing Businesses

Only Experts

We have the best multi-disciplinary team of PPC experts who have over 6 years of experience in SEM.

Time Saving

Our specialty is in delivering results through quick wins while sustaining long-term growth with quality


We never overcharge our clients. Our cost sheets include complete transparency and services of their due worth.


All campaigns are measures through advance metrics and sophisticated KPIs directed reported to you